New Probiotic Formula!

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EM® is an acronym for Effective Microorganisms®. It is a brand name referring to a line of microbial-based products using a technology developed by Japanese scientist Dr. Teruo Higa. Through years of experimentation he discovered the right combination of microbes and named the combination “EM®”.

Dr. Higa started his development of EM·1® in 1968. His work pioneered the use of multiple strains of microbes in one culture as well as the use of multiple applications. The first batch on the market under the trade name “EM®” was sold in Japan in 1982. Use quickly spread through Eastern Asia, but was slow to grow in its home country, Japan. In 1992, EM Technologies, Inc. began manufacturing to EM·1® in Tucson, Arizona for the North America market. The product name has included several variations over the years including “EM®”, “EM-1®”, and “Kyusei EMTM”. It has been referred to as “EM1” or “EM4” in some research papers. It is now called EM•1® around the world.

The main products under the Effective Microorganisms® brand include:

Only licensed products that are allowed to use the EM® Logo are authentic EM® products. Visit our website for more information on this effective probiotic we’re now carrying!


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